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  1. Start and end date include both month and year. For example: August 2012-September 2014
  2. There no gaps in your employment? This will create a red flag for employers.
  3. You included all the jobs you held since graduating college? Who said your resume had to be no longer than 2 pages?
  4. You included the year you graduated college? As well as GPA and extracurricular activities.
  5. You have your name, address, cell number and email address at the top of your resume?
  6. You use Summary instead of Objective at the top of your resume? Best to summarize your than to state objective.
  7. You included a summary (2-3 sentences) of types of products your company offers?
  8. You include a summary (2-3 sentences) of what you do for your company?
  9. Bullets points are used for results, not for describing your responsibilities?
  10. Employment history is in chronological order with results and accomplishments underneath each position held? (A new fad is to place accomplishments/results in a separate section. Hiring managers do not like this format.)
  11. For each position, you have document results in bullet form. Results should be in form of rankings (#1 of 20) for sales reps, dollars generated or saved for all others.
  12. Most of your content is focused on result that you have achieved versus what you do. (Most candidates have too many words describing their responsibilities and not enough about their results.)