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If your resume is not written properly, then you will be eliminated from consideration.
Did you know that hiring managers use resume to eliminate, not to hire?
Why would they do this? Out of necessity.
Hiring managers receive over 400 resumes per job posting.
So, they are training to quickly scan and eliminate poorly written resumes.

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What is the proper content?

Bullet points that contain result.
We review 20-30 resumes per day and most of the are not done properly.
Most people use the bullet points to describe what they do, not their achievements.

Why are we qualified to help?

Experience! we review resumes and present candidates to hiring managers daily.
We know what hiring managers are looking for in a resume.
Professional resume writers are missing an important piece of the puzzle....they don't know what hiring managers are looking for!

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Our candidates ask for our help!
We hate to see candidates get eliminated from consideration due to poorly written resumes.
If you are a candidate for one of our clients, then it is to our mutual benefit to help you secure the job you deserve.

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