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Take advantage of our two decades of experience in the diagnostics and life science industries by letting us assist you in building a team that delivers results. We’ll match your company with the experts you’re looking for, in the timeframes you need.

If you’re a Mid-sized company needing assistance finding a C-level executive or help with an expansion, or if you’re an emerging startup that needs help with managed care, revenue cycle, R&D, MSL’s, operations, or sales and marketing, we can provide the candidates with the knowledge and experience you need. If you’re not ready for a full-time resource, we can match you with a consultant or interim executive.

Sales Reps:

All other professionals:

Recruiting Services

Retained Search

Retained Search

This arrangement is ideal for employers that do not have time to conduct a critical search for senior level executive. We do all the upfront work and deliver 2-3 viable candidates for you to choose from. We have proven process that ensures an excellent hire in a timely fashion.


Retained Search

We realize that many firms take your money and never deliver an appropriate candidate. We offer a performance based retainer that guarantees the return of your initial payment if we do not deliver at least two viable candidates within a pre-determine time period. This is our Performance based retainer….

if we don’t perform, you don’t pay.

Interested in conducting a Retained Search? Please provide us the following information and we will call you with 24 hours.

Contingency Search

Exclusive Search

This arrangement is best used for non-executive searches. It all starts with an in depth converation to gain a thorough understanding of your ideal emplyee. We then conduct and exahustive search for the ideal candidate.


Exclusive Search

We do not work on searches where multiple firms are involved. It is best for the client to choose one firm that they trust and partner with them to deliver the best candidates. (Read “How to Get the Most out of your Recruiting Firm” to learn more.) We hope we are that firm,but if not you are better off with just one firm. In many cases we will ask for a small down payment to ensure that you have a sense of urgency and are committed to finding a candidate.

Interested in conducting an Exclusive Search? Please provide us the following information and we will call you with 24 hours.

Contract Recruiting

Contract Search

This agreement allows you to fill multiple positions within a short timeframe, such as a sales force expansion or new product launch campaigns.


Contract Search

We have worked with numerous clients that use contract search for sales force or technical candidate expansion. Best used when you are hiring more than 10 candidates in a short time frame. Many of our clients asked that we handle making candidate travel arrangements,administering on-line personality assessments and negotiating the final offer. We will dedicate a 5-6 person team to quickly perform your searches.

Interested in conducting an Contract Search? Please provide us the following information and we will call you with 24 hours.

Contract Recruiting

Consulting Services

Ideal for early to mid-stage CLIA laboratories focused in molecular diagnostics. We have relationships with a wide range of consultans and can match you to the right consultant to guide you through the challenges that you will face.


Consulting Services

In today’s complex diagnostics market no one person has all the answers on how to create a successful company. Are you struggling to determine the most effective way to generate revenue for your company? Do you need help in determining the best reimbursement and managed care strategy? Are you considering performing CRO or Companion Diagnostics work for pharmaceutical and/or biotech companies? Do you need assistance in designing your lab in order to perform these tests? Do you need assistance in identifying pharma/biotech companies that might be interested in doing business with your company? Or do you need help in determining which tests you should be offering to your clients and how those tests should be developed? Does your R&D and Regulatory group work well together or do you need a liaison between the two groups to ensure smooth communication and a well-documented design and control program. Have you determined your best distribution and marketing strategy?

We can help! We work with consultants that can answer all the above questions because they have worked through similar circumstances. No need to learn the hard way. Let Connexis Search Group connect you with a consultant that can guide you through all the challenging situations, saving you time and money.

Why Choose Connexis?

Industry Knowledge

Our Senior Recruiters have been managers, VPs and GMs for prestigious medical companies and have experience hiring the same type candidates that you are hiring. Many other firms are composed of recruiters that have never been a manager or worked for a medical company making it difficult for them to have a deep understanding of what you are experiencing when hiring a new employee.

Our Recruiting Process

We spend a lot of time at the beginning of the search understanding your needs and criteria for finding the right candidate. Our team follows a detailed recruiting process that ensures that we find the appropriate candidate.

Our Knowledge of the Recruiting Business

The recruiting business is complex with many nuances and has to be taught via an apprenticeship. Our firm has been in business for over thirty years and has taken advantage of the knowledge gained from previous partners.

Flexible Search Options

We offer a variety of search agreements (Retained, Contingency and Contract) and will customize our agreement based on your needs. If we do not deliver the appropriate candidate, we do not want your money!

Respect for Our Clients

Not only do we believe in the saying “The Client is always right,” we live by it. We want to make sure you are happy and that our partnership lasts for a long time. That is why 80% of our annual revenues are from repeat business with our long term clients.

Recent Placements

Connexis Search Group places 150 positions per year. Our recruiters are passionate about helping their clients find the appropriate candidate and work tirelessly until the job is done.

Chief Marketing Officer, Multi‐Specialty Laboratory
Vice‐President of Sales, Genetics
Vice‐President of Sales, Women’s Health
Chief Information Officer, Commercial Lab
VP Managed Care, Molecular Diagnostics
IVD Capital Reps
Commercial Lab Reps
Laboratory Director
Medical Director
GI Pathologist
Vice President of Operations
Vice President R&D
Vice President RA/QA
Vice President Development Chief
Marketing Officer
Director of Sales
Director of Product Development