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About Us


Connexis Search Group is a twenty-year-old permanent placement recruiting firm that serves (but is not limited to) the following industries: Commercial Laboratory, In-Vitro Diagnostics (IVD), Life Sciences, Biotechnology and Medical Devices.  Our team of over twenty recruiters have industry and functional expertise enabling us to deliver quality candidates in a timely fashion.   We are grateful for the success we have enjoyed helping our clients grow their businesses with the best and most qualified candidates.

Why Connexis Search Group?

When talking to prospective clients, many times the question that is posed to us is “What makes Connexis Search Group better than other firms?”  This all-important question made me pause to think about what we do that is different or better than other firms.

Our Culture of serving others

All companies reflect the culture that is established by its leaders.   The most important goal and mission to the executive team at Connexis Search Group is to help candidates find positions that fulfill their career and family goals. For our hiring managers, it is our privilege and duty to find candidates that can solve problems they are experiencing.   The only way to gain this information is to ask the candidates and clients specific questions about those issues they are facing.  Our recruiters are trained to ask questions to ensure that we please both our candidates and clients.  We receive great deal of positive feedback based on how much time we spend asking questions to gain a better understanding of potential problems that our clients are having.  Sadly, many recruiters in our industry do not care about their candidates and clients; they just want to make placements to better themselves.   I am sure many of you have had the unfortunate experience of working with a lackluster and uninspired recruiter that did not care about your needs. It is obvious from the lack of desire in those recruiters that they have neglected the needs of your situation. Our culture emphasizes that when our recruiters follow the right steps for our clients and candidates, we will be compensated for our efforts.  We only hire and retain recruiters that share our beliefs.

“Your Success is Our Goal!”

Our Proven Process

Our 17 step Recruiting Process that has been refined over the last two decades yields positive outcomes for our clients and candidates.   When the process is followed, many of the problems associated with hiring are eliminated.  Our process shows how to handle recruitment hurdles such as-: rejected offers, demands for unrealistic compensation, counter offers and performance issues.  If our clients are willing to trust our process, then together we can eliminate many of these issues. Collectively as a team, we all spend at least one hour every week reviewing, studying and discussing the steps in the process.  Recruiters working for firms that have never been trained in recruiting, struggle to help their clients and candidates.   Recruiting is not merely finding candidates and sending resumes to clients. It is a very complex process and must be learned through an apprenticeship, studied on a routine basis and practiced daily.

Industry Expertise

Our industry expertise and team approach helps us quickly find the best candidates.  Our recruiters concentrate their efforts in certain industries to serve you better.   Some of the industries that we focus on are:  diagnostics, life sciences, biotechnology and medical devices. Within these industries, we make placements on a wide range of candidates including sales, marketing, operations, technical, R&D and senior management. Some of the specific positions we place include candidates with expertise in: next generation sequencing, bioinformatics, medical science liaison, revenue cycle and finance.   Many of our recruiters have spent their careers in the industries we serve, and so they have first-hand knowledge of your business.

Experience and propietary database

Two decades of experience and a proprietary database ensure our clients that we have the experience and tools to deliver the best possible candidates.   Our comprehensive database gives us quick access to over 300,000 candidates that have been referenced and followed throughout their career.  We can quickly network to the best candidates due to the relationships we have with industry leaders.  Our database has been built over a thirty-five-year period and is the most comprehensive database in the industries that we represent.

Our Employees

Our Employees are the best in the recruiting business!  Everyone knows that a company is only as good as its people, so we go to great lengths to make sure we hire candidates that share our beliefs.   For our employees to be successful, we must provide them with processes that deliver results and train them on each step in the process.